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Meet-the-Experts Malaysia - 2 Feb 2010

MTE_MYKUL20090806_G1BCM Institute to Host Complimentary Seminar to Share the Experience and Challenge to Kick-start BC and DR Projects in your Organisation

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20 January 2010] BCM Institute will be hosting Meet-the-Expert, a complimentary seminar, for Business Continuity professionals to share the experience and challenge that organisations and professionals faced when starting Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery projects. The seminar held at The Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will also provide participants the opportunity to network with fellow practitioners.

Organisations who have implemented Business Continuity plan or BCM program continues to encounter some of the common challenges that is a result of the lack of or poor planning and implementation during the project management phase. The seminar for both the experienced and novices, featuring Dr Goh Moh Heng, BCCE, DRCE, President at BCM Institute and Managing Director of GMH Pte Ltd, will present "Getting Started and Kick-off the Business Continuity Planning Project and its Best Practices." Participants will learn about the components of an effective project planning and its implementation. Dr Goh will also walk-through how a typical project planning process is implemented and why they had failed. The presentation and discussion will provide answers to some of these questions: What is the requirement for implementing the BC project? What BCM planning methodology to adopt? How do I get my management to support the BC project and its kick-off?

The seminar will conclude with "Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Project Kick-off and Planning: Challenges and International Best Practices." The speaker Ms Chia Siew Khim, BCCE DRCE, Programme Director at iPerintis and had successfully completed both BC and DR Expert certification with BCM Institute. Ms Chia will share the trials and tribulations of implementing business continuity and IT DR projects with her clients. Based on her extensive project management experience working on various projects, she will also share some of the good practices that business continuity and IT disaster recovery professionals can learn from other professional industry.

The seminar will conclude with a panel discussion on the challenges and good practices for business continuity and IT disaster recovery project planing and management for organisations.

For more information and registration, please visit our website.

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About BCM Institute
Business Continuity Management Institute or BCM Institute is a leading global Business Continuity (BC) & Disaster Recovery (DR) Institute. Established in 2005, BCM Institute promotes and develops the disciplines of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) for a variety of industries and clients around the world.

BCM Institute differentiates itself by having a pool of instructors who are highly regarded BC and DR professionals. It offers a wide range of quality BC and DR training solutions, including the globally recognised BCCP, BCCS/DRCS and BCCE/DRCE accreditations. In less than three years, BCM Institute has trained more than 2000 professionals and certified over 1250 professionals from 36 countries. They come from over 590 companies in industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities and Manufacturing, to Banking & Finance, Technology (IT) and Telecommunications.

About Meet-the-Expert

Meet-The-Expert or MTE seminar is a complimentary half-day event to encourage knowledge sharing amongst the industry professionals within a specific country. The MTE seminar aims to address both the business and technical issues surrounding the Business Continuity Management (BCM) and disaster recovery planning process. To facilitate a fruitful dialogue, Subject Matter Experts are invited to present their views, followed by discussion session at the conclusion of each topic.

The MTE serves is setup as an interactive discussion platform for leading industry professionals to share BC and DR knowledge, this seminar enable the respective BCM Institute’s country representatives to serve the community better through this gathering of professionals to share or learnt from each other.

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