Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Resilience Training and Certification Organisation in the Asia Pacific.

Upgrade Your Organisation BCM Plan And Staff Competency With HRD Corp Claimable Course

We are an HRD Corp Registered Training Provider. Our training courses are HRD Corp claimable, and we offer a comprehensive suite of three one-day for organizations (or six half-days via blended online learning) to train its personnel assigned to BCM responsibilities. It is methodically and professionally aligned such that a novice can be trained to update and maintain your BCM initiatives. Do speak to us if you want to implement your BCM plan via training-led implementation specifically for your organisation.

Planning for other business disruptions that may impact organizations of any size in any location is imperative. BCM is not the responsibility of just one to two people in the organization but a team. The challenge is implementing it cost-effectively and achieving the learning to implement and sustain the BCM programme.

BCM Institute has trained over 5000 professionals and certified over 2,000 professionals from 40 countries, from companies in industries ranging from SMEs, multinationals and government agencies.

Malaysians will be paying only RM1,500 per course per person

Original course fees are in Singapore Dollar SGD 800
(approximately RM2,700) per person. Suppose you attend these three courses as a group to allow your organization to implement or update its BC plans. In that case, you can save more with the HRD Corp funding (please check with your respective training division/human resource for funding available).

These three-competency based BCM training courses allow participants to complete the five phases of the ISO22301 aligned BCM methodology to implement their plans within their organization.

For a limited time, BCM Institute will award the Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP) certification upon completion of the three courses.

Course Offered

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