BCM-810: Pandemic Influenza BCM Planner

1 Day

Course Description

The course prepares the participants with the framework and guidelines for companies, large or small, to move to a higher level of preparedness to lessen the impact of an infectious disease disruptions. BCM Institute uses experiential training by experienced instructors who expound BC best practices, via classroom exercises and instructor-led discussions. This course is BCM Institute’s introductory 1-day foundation course on the fundamentals of Business Continuity (BC) planning in times of a pandemic influenza  outbreak  like COVID-19, H5N1, H7N9, H3N2, H1N1, HA1, Mers-CoV.  This applies to o infectious disease outbreak such as Ebola and Zika.

Course Outline

Understand BCM Fundamentals

  • Introduce BCM concepts
  • Explain terminologies and BCM BOK
  • Understand the differences in BCM, DR, CM and RM

Understand the Infectious Disease Fundamentals

  • Differentiate outbreak, epidemic versus pandemic
  • Understand the types of Pandemic Influenza (COVID-19) and Infectious Diseases
  • Identify characteristics and symptoms when infected
  • Locate essential planning resources

Understand WHO Pandemic Framework

  • Understand WHO’s and the country level pandemic framework such as DORSCON
  • Able to link framework to the 6 “R”s approach
  • Relate WHO Pandemic Phase to BC Life Cycle
  • Recognize Pandemic BC considerations and assumptions

BCP Execution Stage – Reduce

  • Monitor and gain knowledge on pandemic flu
  • Establish decision making and response structure
  • Maintain staff dispersion plan and IT support infrastructure
  • Communicate internally and externally
  • Review and refine policies

BCP Execution Stage – Respond

  • Escalate during an alert
  • Initiate crisis communication
  • Activate and make preparation to recover critical operations
  • Initiate containment, quarantine staff and provide travel restriction

BCP Execution Stage – Recover, Resume, Restore and Return

  • Maintain operational and continuity of business
  • Manage personnel, health and safety
  • Sustain on-going communications
  • Return to business as usual at tail-end of outbreak

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The course would cover the following topics and the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of BCM
  • Understand the characteristics of an infectious disease and how it would affect an organisation’s BC Plan
  • Activate, respond and resume operations during an infectious disease outbreak
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior management with BCM responsibilities who needs to incorporate an infectious disease plan into their BC Plan.
  • Anyone new to the BCM and would like to know how an infectios disease would affect their organisation’s BC Plan
  • If you have been tasked to spearhead or assist in your organisation’s BCM Plan and update its Pandemic Plan to cover infectious diseases
  • If you have been recently assigned with BCM co-ordination responsibilities for your business unit.
  • Any employees or consultants in EHS, Security, Human Resources, IT, Risk & Compliance functions.
  • If you are a business partner or service provider of essential services to any organization of which an infectious disease disruption of such a service provided by you would be of catastrophic consequences to that organization.
Course & Examination Fee


There will be no examination for this course.

Course Fee

  • Singapore: SGD 800

Certification Fees

Not Applicable

Examination Fee

Not Applicable

Other Information

Follow-up Courses

  • BCM-330: ISO 22301 BCMS Implementer or BCM-5000: ISO 22301 Expert Implementer course
  • For novice who are keen to gain a comprehensive understanding of BCM, it would be useful to attend the BCM-5000: ISO 22301 Expert Implementer course.

Learning Resources

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Singapore Productivity Centre


Participants from SME companies are able to claim PIC Training. To know more about the scheme, do click here