3 Day Coursework with 2 Hours Assessment for Singaporean and Singapore PR Participants

Course Description

This 3-Day course is designed for department representatives, crisis management and business continuity team members who would like to have a basic understanding of how to implement a crisis management plan and form a crisis management team.

The workshop would allow participants to have the competency to allocate resources to handle a crisis, identify crisis response and recovery activities to be implemented, document activities and implement return-to-normal procedures, as well as communicate key messages to relevant stakeholders.

At the end of the 3-Day course, Singaporean and Singapore PR participants who are taking advantage of the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) funding, would need to attempt and pass the 2 hours interview and written assessment. Passing the WSQ assessment allows them to obtain 1 Statement of Attainment certificate awarded by WSQ.

Completion of the 3-Day course also allows participants to achieve an internationally recognised Crisis Management certification, .i.e. the Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS)* certificate.

NOTE: This course does not aim to equip a participant with the tools and competency to handle press conferences and press releases nor would it provide participants with an in-depth understanding of body posture or language used during such instances.

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Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS) certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed the 3-Day CM-360 Implementing Crisis Management Plan course, passed the Qualifying CMCS examination which cost SGD200, sends in an application form detailing at least 1 year of CM experience, make the application processing fee payment of SGD75 and satisfies and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.


To train participants who are either a business continuity personnel thrust into doing crisis management or anyone do not have a crisis management background but is responsible to update their crisis management plan