IT DR Certification Courses

BCM Institute’s IT disaster recovery plan(IT DRP) certification courses are internationally recognised and is the choice certification for IT professionals looking to gain their DR planning competency certified.

The courses would include requirements of the ISO 27001 and cloud computing.  At BCM Institute, the IT DR plan certification courses are divided into 3 level of competencies i.e

  • Know
  • Do
  • Manage

Each level of competency allows one to acquire the knowledge and competency needed in his/her job scope. There is also an express track course that allows one to acquire all these in 1 sitting. The express track course, also known as the DRP-5000  IT DR Expert Implementer course is most suitable for recently appointed IT DR planning organisation coordinator. The same course is also well suited for seasoned practitioners who would like to get their experience certified and benchmarked against IT DRP best practices.

citrepFor Singaporeans looking to embark on their IT DRP certification journey, this course allows them to claim CITREP funding of up to SGD2,500 upon passing the Qualifying DRCE examination attached to the course. Do note that the CITREP funding is currently available up till 31 March 2017.

Alternatively, for practitioners who are business unit coordinators, they could look forward to the 2 Day DRP-300 IT DR Implementer course which allows them to have the fundamentals of IT DRP as well as be exposed to understanding how to pick the right IT DR vendor . They could also look forward to upgrading their knowledge to go on and attend the *2 Day DRP-40o IT DRP Manager course where the intricacies of managing an IT DR vendor and ensuring the plan is relevant to the organisation would be discussed.

*the pre-requisite of the 2 Day DRP-400 IT DRP Manager course is the 2 Day DRP-300 IT DRP Implementer course.