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Professionally conducted by competents trainer who has great BCM experience. Well done!

Toh Ser Hai,
Toh Ser Hai, attended BCMI’s WSQ courses

I am able to have direct contact with the experienced DR instructor in the BCM Institute course and I can share my experiences with the experts. The experts guided me through the whole process and I thought was very very useful. The certification also increases job competency as a DR certified specialist.

Nattasha Zainal,
Nattasha Zainal, DRCS, Manager, Alliance Finance Group

Lecturers in this course are professionals and have a vast amount of experience.

Terrence Wong,
Terrence Wong,BCCE, Business Continuity Management coordinator, Ministry of Health

I would definitely recommend BCM-5000 to my new colleagues because this is a course that can kick start their thought process.

Tan Jun Liat, Maurice,BCCE, Manager, Security & Emergency Planning, SMRT Trains Ltd (Bishan)

The Infectious Disease BCM Planner course is interesting.

Jasmine Lim, Assistant Manager, BCM-810 August 2015

I really enjoyed the course and learned alot. Instructors were very approachable and knowledgeable.

John Seet, Assistant Manager BCM-5000 Masterclass 2015

Excellent course with good participation and experience sharing from fellow course participants.

Mohammad Amin BCM-5000 Masterclass 2015

I enjoyed the 4 days course. It is refreshing to me.I strongly encourage people with BCM experience to attend this course and get certified.

Christina Chin, Manager, BCM-5000 March 2015

Overall a good course, I learnt alot and hope to implement improvements to the BCM policy in my company.

Nicola Koh, Assistant Manager, BCM-5000 March 2015

Excellent course delivered by well experienced instructor.

Witantra, Head of IT Risk, Risk Management, BCM-300 November 2014

WSQ courses were easy to understand.The instructors were very helpful and made the course very interesting and fun with the games and examples.

Khong Tuck MunManager, WSQ-310

Choosing the Right Credentials

Do you have experience in Business Continuity Management (BCM) or Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) but wonder where you stand with regard to the BCM Institute certification program? Check your career experience and invest in your credential today.

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