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About Us

Business Continuity Management Institute or BCM Institute is a leading global Business Continuity Management (BCM) Institute. Established in 2005, BCM Institute promotes and develops the BCM and Resilience disciplines of ISO22301 BCM Audit, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM), Crisis Communication (CC) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and the recent Operational Resilience (OR) for a variety of industries and clients around the world. Today, BCM Institute is the largest BCM practice in the Asia Pacific.

BCM Institute differentiates itself by having a pool of instructors who are highly regarded BCM professionals in the five sub-areas. It offers a wide range of quality ISO22301 Audit, BC, CC, CM, DRP and OR training solutions and BCM courses including the globally recognised accredita-

  • Specialist Level: BCCS/CCCS/CMCS/DRCS/ORCS;
  • Expert Level: BCCE/CMCE/CCCE/DRCE/ORCE; and
  • Auditor/Lead Auditor Level: BCCA/BCCLA

BCM Institute has trained more than 5000 professionals and certified over 2,000 professionals from 40 countries. They come from companies in industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities and Manufacturing, to Banking & Finance, Technology (IT) and Telecommunications.

In addition, BCM Institute would like to share with you the following:

Our Growth
and Coverage

With its Global and Asia-Pacific operations headquartered in Singapore, BCM Institute has its global operations based in Malaysia and joint venture/representative offices globally. BCM Institute’s training is already available in globally through its representatives.


Our mission is to promote awareness in business continuity management and disaster recovery planning, by conducting and administering courses and exams.

  • Organizing conferences and seminar events
  • Publishing technical and research papers.
  • Provide a career path and a common body of knowledge for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals.

Our Values:

Trust & Integrity

Our clients trust us to best prepare them for critical situations. We gain their thrust through reliable, efficient and effective delivery of services and solutions, and by listening to and putting their needs first.


When customers think of BCM Institute, the quality of our service and solutions is top of mine. In everything that we do, from the first point of contact to training and accreditation, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and excellence

Client Focus

At BCM Institute, we put our clients first. We demonstrate a superior agility to understand, attract and retrain our clients. We do this by listening to our clients’ needs and responding with solutions better and faster than our competitors


We have business ability to adapt and everyday along with our customers’ needs as they change according to market conditions. We achieve this by maintaining a flexible business approach and scalable technical infrastructure.


  • Ability to address skill gaps at all levels
  • Customization or customized/in-house courses tailored to specific needs allow functional gaps to be addressed
  • Instruction by industry practitioners
  • Course material review
  • Advisory Council & Subcommittees
  • Accreditation by Certification
  • Relevant of our courses to international best practices
  • Social responsibilities as a professional Institute

Choosing the Right Credentials

Would you like to be BCM Institute certified? Talk to us to find the most suitable program for you.