Become A Member or Maintain Membership

Being awarded a membership or Certified Professional credential from BCM Institute automatically makes you a member, entitling you to such member benefits as:

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Member of BCM Institute

Maintaining your Membership
To remain in good standing as a member of BCM Institute a credential holder must:

BCM Institute Certified Professional

Maintaining your Certification
To remain in good standing as a BCM Institute credited professional a credential holder must:

  • Abide by the BCM Institute’s Code of Ethics
  • Obtain and submit the required Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)
  • Submit Annual Maintenance Fees, two months before expiry.

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) Credential holders must earn the minimum number of Continuing Professional Education credits (CEHs) annually during each year of the two-year certification cycle. They are required to submit the minimal requirements of CEHs at the end of the certification year to maintain their certification “in good standing” status. This ensures the credential holders an adequate level of current knowledge, proficiency and competence of certified professionals.
Annual Maintenance Fees
Payment of Annual Maintenance Fees ensures that the institute has the necessary financial resources to maintain member records ensure the certification continues to meet the needs and requirements of the market and members continue to enjoy member benefits.

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