Steps for Certification

Receiving your BCM Institute’s credential is a several-step process:

Examination1.1 Applicant received Notification of Examination Results via email from BCM Institute’s Certification Department after the respective qualifying examination.

1.2 The Notification of Examination Results would be sent within 1 week from date of examination

BCCP/CCCP/CMCP/DRCP/ORCP2.1 This certificate would be given along with the Notification Examination Results when one passes the Qualifying Examination for selected courses.
BCCA/BCCS/CCCS/CMCS/DRCS/ORCS and BCCLA/BCCE/CCCE/CMCE/DRCE/ORCE2.2 This certificate would be given to one who passes the relevant

Qualifying BCCA Examination for courses:
BCM-8030 ISO 22301 Business Continuity System Auditor

Qualifying BCCS Examination for courses:
BCM-300 Implementing Business Continuity Management Implementer

Qualifying CCCS Examination for courses:
CC-300 Crisis Communication Implementer

Qualifying CMCS Examination for courses:
CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer

Qualifying DRCS Examination for courses:
DRP-300 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer

Qualifying ORCS Examination for courses:
OR-300 Operational Resilience Implementer

Qualifying BCCLA Examination for courses:
BCM-8530 ISO 22301 BCMS Lead Auditor

Qualifying BCCE Examination for courses:
BCM-400 ISO 22301 BCMS Manager
BCM-5000 ISO 22301 BCMS Expert Implementer

Qualifying CCCE Examination for courses:
CC-400 Crisis Communication Manager
CC-5000 Crisis Communication Expert Implementer

Qualifying CMCE Examination for courses:
CM-400 Crisis Management Manager
CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer

Qualifying DRCE Examination for courses:
DRP-400 IT Disaster Recovery Manager
DRP-5000 IT Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer

Qualifying ORCE Examination for courses:
OR-400 Operational Resilience Manager
OR-5000 Operational Resilience Expert Implementer


2.3 Sends in the relevant Certification Application Form

2.4. Along with the relevant Certification Application Fees

For application steps, please refer to:
Applying for a Certificate

Please note that certificates for these level of courses are NOT given automatically upon completion of course.
All application steps have to be adhered to before application can proceed to the review board.

Certificate Review3.1 Certification Review Committee will review the application and review applicant’s experience with references.
Certification Committee decides either the applicant is
Approved (application, experience and education meet requirements)
Returned for resubmission (an element of the application is missing or does not meet minimum standards for level and may be resubmitted for a lower level) OR
Rejected (applicant does not meet minimum requirements for level)

3.2. Applicant received notification on result of certification application.

3.3 Successful application receive certification award package from BCM Institute. Unsuccessful application may receive an alternative certification award package.

Award Certification4. Member received e-Certificate from BCM Institute
Maintaining Certification5.1 Member must continue to practice BCM, CC, CM, DRP, OR and any other related disciplines.

5.2 Submit Payment of Annual Maintenance Fee

5.4 Member received acknowledgement of submission and receipt of Annual Maintenance Fee.

Steps to submit forms for Certification Application:

  • BCCE/DRCE/CMCE/CCCE Certification Application Form

    All participants for expert level courses must complete any 5 out of 7 Body Of Knowledge (BOK) explained in detail for BCCE/DRCE/CMCE/CCCE certification.

  • BCCS/DRCS/CMCS/CCCS Certification Application Form

    All participants for specialist level courses must complete any 3 out of 7 Body Of Knowledge (BOK) explained in detail for BCCS/DRCS/CMCS certification.

  • Audit Certification Application Form

    All participants for audit courses must explain in detail the work experience in BC or Audit for BCCA/BCCLA certification.

  • Checklist Form

    Please submit your completed application form together with the checklist form