BCM Institute’s Alignment to Support the ISO 22301 Global Requirement

It has been 3 months since ISO 22301, the world’s first international Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard for BCM Systems.  Having being launched on the 15th May 2012, this ISO standard will take both the BCM professions and organization BCM and resiliency to the next level.

Alignment to ISO 22301 Standard for BCMS: Expecting the British standard – BS 25999 and the Singapore standard – SS 540 for BCM to be superseded in due course, as part of BCM Institute’s proactive approach to support our BCM community within Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the institute will aligned all their courses in compliance to this new standard since July and ultimately, all its BCM courses by 1st November 2012.

ISO 22301 BCMS Lead Auditor: Ever since the launch of the ISO 22301 standard, BCM Institute had launch more than three course in compliances with the ISO 22301 with their very first course, BCM 8530: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Course, in the month of July. All of the courses were well-received. Participant from the different courses found their courses beneficial in their understanding toward the ISO 22301 standard.

Taking the BCM 8530 course for example, a participant from the July classes in Singapore states that “The sharing of experiences by the trainers has helped me to relate better to the key concepts and understanding of the ISO 22031 and BCM”.

ISO 22301 BCMS Fundamentals: BCM Institute had embarked to align all of their courses with the ISO 22301 so as to be well-prepare before the BS 25999 and SS 540 are superseded by the new standard. Some of the courses include the BCM 230: ISO 22301 BCMS Fundamentals.

World Continuity Congress (WCC): WCC continues to create a platform for all BCM practitioners around the world to come together to share idea and thought of common topic in the BCM industry. This year, while many may not have the opportunity to attend a ISO 22301 BCMS course, BCM Institute went a step further to ensure that their members are updated with ISO 22301 and the related BCM news.  Our President, Dr Goh Moh Henghad used the keynote session during both the WCC in Singapore and Malaysia, to update the senior management and key organizational BCM stakeholders.  For those who are keen, you may want to secure your seats for 2013 WCC now.

Meet-the-Expert (MTE) Seminar: Running in parallel to our annual World Continuity Congress is our MTE Seminar is the every three months seminars in each of the Asian countries.   The “The New ISO 22301 Standard for BCMS” MTE started in June 29 in Singapore, Sep 7 in Philippines and Sep 21 in Malaysia.  Dr Goh Moh Heng, President of the BCM Institute has taken the initiative to be present in all the Asian countries to give a clear description and understanding of the ISO 22301 standard. According to most of the participant, it was a “Very good seminar to introduce about new ISO” and they find the seminar a “very good update on ISO 22301”.

Glossary for ISO 22301 Standard for BCMS:  In order to ease people in understanding the terminology in ISO 22301 standard for BCMS, BCM Institute had also launched its online wiki glossary – BCMpedia. This glossary will allow BCM practitioner around the world to create a better and common understanding with the BCM terms. BCM Institute has also attempt to support the terms with visual and audio support through YouTube. Click here forBCMPedia for Business Continuity Management.

For more information, visit our website at http://www.bcm-institute.org and for media enquiries contact:

Jeremy Wong BCCE BCCLA
Senior Vice President
Email: jeremy@bcm-institute.org