Press Release for World Continuity Congress Singapore 22 April 2014

Singapore, 22nd April 2014 – BCM Institute successfully organized their annual World Continuity Congress (WCC) Singapore 2014, themed Building and Maintaining a Resilient Organization in Challenging Times at Carlton Hotel, Singapore.

The World Continuity Congress, in its 14th edition this year in Singapore, is an annual conference organized by BCM Institute that has attracted professionals from various industries, such as Banking, manufacturing and telecommunication. This annual event establishes a platform for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) professionals, executives and corporate leaders to engage in constructive dialogues with thought leaders from around the region.

The main topic discussed during this one day conference was Resilience. Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. From an organization’s point of view, how can a company be more resilient to withstand all kind of disruptions? How can a company be more competitive in the market while trying to recover from disruptions? These important issues were examined and discussed extensively during the conference.

Leaders from different industries and expertise were invited to share their experience, expertise, knowledge and points of view with regards to this year’s theme. One of the prominent speakers invited was Mr. David Lim, Chief Motivational Officer of Everest Motivation Team Pte Ltd. David Lim shared his presentation entitled “Crisis Communication Strategies”, where he pointed out important bases of communicating during a crisis. One example is ‘The Rule of Condour’, which explains the importance of being truthful and admitting to mistakes during crisis, and how to address objections rigorously. Some of the participant’s comments on Mr. David’s presentation include:

  • Introduced human angle and perspective, relevant to BCM
  • Entertaining & informative, provided an interesting view on communications

In the afternoon, speakers such as Miss Amber Elias, Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management from AON Singapore and Mr. Jason Teo, Senior Director Business Continuity from Infineon Technologies Singapore shared their considerable experience with the audience on how they manage a business continuity programme in their respective organisations. This sharing of experience demonstrates how abstract concepts can be made applicable in real-world situations. Here are some feedbacks from the participants:

  • This event successfully gathered interesting speakers to share their experiences, it is helpful and information shared are relevant
  • Very good, diversify industries and different area of business and BCM focus presented give audiences broad outlook
  • Very good. Speakers are experience and have shared very insightful concepts and ideas about BCM

All in all, WCC Singapore 2014 has been a successful conference for all parties involved. Knowledge and experience has been shared throughout the day. Most importantly, it shows the delegates on the importance of BCM in today’s unpredictable environment.

We would like to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and participants for the on-going support and contributions to the success of WCC SG 2014.

For delegates who were unable to attend or reserve a seat, do reserve your place early for the upcoming WCC Malaysia scheduled for 9 Sep 2014 at Doubletree Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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