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CM-5000: Crisis Management Expert Implementer (Hybrid)

One (1) E-learning | Two (2) 3 hour Online sessions + Assignment | Two (2) Days Onsite Classroom | Examination

Course Description

The CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course will introduce the essential steps of developing CM strategies. It will also teach on designing and implementation of CM plans. Participants will also be taught about preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. The course best suits business continuity professionals and new crisis management personnel.

Participants get to enjoy a structured and thorough understanding to establish a crisis management team and manage the crisis management flow of events before, during and after the crisis. The course takes its cue from the globally recognised 7 BCM Body of Knowledge or BCM BOK implementation methodology.

Essential steps of setting up a command centre and providing essential tips on crisis leadership would be shared by industry practitioner facilitators and tabletop exercise workshops.

Skillsets they would gain include crisis management, command centre control and post-crisis management.

On completion of the course, participants should have acquired the skills and understanding to drive simple tabletop programs and crisis management for the entire organisation. A 3 1/2 hour, 150 online MCQ exam would be administered at the end of the course to test their understanding of the concepts taught.

There is no pre-requisite to attend the course. Participants from all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome.

This course is now conducted as a Hybrid Learning approach where the final two modules (modules 3 and 4) are conducted as an onsite class at a dedicated location.


Crisis Management Expert Certification

CM Certified Expert (CMCE) Certification is awarded to participants who passed the Qualifying CMCE examination. Participants would need to proof that they have at least 3 years of crisis management (CM) experience in an application form. This needs to be sent along with a non refundable SGD150 application processing fees. The application form would be shared upon passing the exams.

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This course will provide participants  to:

  • Identify possible threats that may disrupt the organisation.
  • Strengthen organisational resiliency to counter major incidents and disaster.
  • Develop crisis management strategies.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive CM plans.
  • Create and develop CM awareness and training programme.
  • Conduct exercises and tests.
  • Implement CM audit and assessment programmes to ensure CM plan effectiveness.
  • Drive organisation-wide CM program.
  • Ensure effective program management on an ongoing basis.