Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE)


The Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) certification is designed to recognize individuals for their efforts to acquire essential and fundamental knowledge and skills in crisis management. These individuals may be senior and middle management, or business executives, who are required to help their departments or business units (or sub-units) to develop CM, BC, DR, emergency response, recovery and resumption processes, procedures and/or plans.

The pre-requisite course is:

To attain your DRCE credential you need to pass the Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) Qualifying examination.

How to be Certified

How to be Certified

To become a CMCP, a candidate must successfully complete two separate processes:

  • Formal Education: Attend and complete the DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implemener course.
  • Examination: Attempt and pass the Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) Qualifying examination.

Formal Education

To attend the DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implemener course (Duration 1 day course with 1 and ½ hour examination), a candidate must:

  • Sign up for the course date and location
  • Submit the Course Fees
  • Be assigned with a login credentials for the online final examination
  • Sit for the examination at the end of the course


To sit for the Examination, a candidate must:


To be issued a certificate, a candidate must:

  • Pass the DRCE qualifying examination with a required passing score of 75% out of 150-Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) examination questions.
  • There is no prior experience in DR needed to hold the DRCP certification.
Fee Payment

Fee Payment

  • Year 1: For the award of the DRCE, there is no requirement for any Application Processing Fee payment for year one upon receiving the DRCE certification.
  • Year 2: After holding the DRCE for one year, the member is expected to renew his or her DRCE via the annual Certification Maintenance Fee which is SGD 150.

How can I be Certified?

Certification Course Required
BCCP Business Continuity Certified Planner BCM-200: Fundamentals of BCM
BCCS Business Continuity Certified Specialist BCM-300: Implementing BCM
BCCE Business Continuity Certified Expert BCM-400: Managing BCM BCM-5000: Implementing and Managing BCM
DRCS Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist DRP-300: Implementing IT Disaster Recovery Planning
DRCE Disaster Recovery Certified Expert DRP-400: Managing IT Disaster Recovery Planning DRP-5000: Implementing and Managing IT Disaster Recovery Planning

How can I learn more about the BCM/DR Industry?

BCM Institute offers the BC Certified Planner (BCCP) certification for novices who are keen on entering this profession when they meet the minimum level of BC experience.

BCM Institute courses lead to the internationally recognised BC designations of BC Certified Planner (BCCP), BC Certified Specialist (BCCS) and BC Certified Expert (BCCE) for individuals with appropriate experiences and qualifications. For Disaster Recovery (DR) professionals, BCMI offers another recognised designation of DR Certified Specialist (DRCS) and DR Certified Expert (DRCE).

To qualify for the BCM Institute’s certifications, you must have the relevant years of experience in the 7 domain of BCM Body of Knowledge (BoK) after attaining a passing score on the written examination, and receiving approval from the BCMI’s Certification Committee. On top of the examination fees, a separate fee is charged for processing the certification application

Please refer to “Certification Programs” for more information.

How to submit Payment for Certification Processing Fees?

  1. Register as a shopper under BCMI Virtue Mart
  2. Fill in the required information. Please make sure that the email entered is valid as an activation link would be sent to the email entered
  3. Click on the activation link given sent by BCMI to activate your shopper account. In the email, you will find a system generated user name and password
  4. Select Online Store
  5. Select Certification (5)
  6. Click “Add to Cart” for certification that you are applying
  7. Click on the “Checkout” button
  8. Login with the user name and password furnish in the email
  9. Proceed to “Confirm Order”
  10. You will be directed to the Paypal Site. Here fill in the billing information, once completed proceed to select “Review Order and Continue”
  11. Confirm your order and the payment would be made. Once paid, you will receive an online receipt from Paypal on the email id that you have provided on the Paypal Order Site

What are the benefits of Certification?

Individuals: Individuals are benefited by the many facets that the BCMI certification brings, some includes the following:

  • The recognition of being certified by an elite institute, dedicated to the evolution of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.
  • The contentment of being tested & recognized on the Body of Knowledge (BoK) that is at par or better than the International Standards currently available.
  • The distinct advantage of being certified in a horde of BCP-DR professionals wanting to make a mark in the industry.
  • The value adds to an Individual’s skill-set within the current professional endeavors and continual enhancement of the same.

Employers: Amongst others, employers of BCMI recognized professionals benefit from the individual’s motivation and dedication to the chosen discipline. At the same time, they seek such certifications for their employees for advantages such as:

  • A certification that helps individuals in readily applying the concepts & best practices into the workplace.
  • Development of competencies within the organization that are the “best-of-breed”.
  • Knowledge & best-practices sharing by means of access to a community of highly skilled and competent BCMI professionals.
  • Constant motivation of the individuals that have shown utmost professionalism and dedication in their field of work.

Industry, Peer Groups & Society: The industry & Peer Groups principally benefit from the sheer proficiency & commitment that such a rigorous certification demands from individuals. This in turn translates to a stronger community of professionals that learn and grow together as Individuals, Employees and Committed Professionals, allowing more significant contributions to the society to which they belong.

What are the fees involved?

BCM Institute’s Credential Application Processing Fee Certification Maintenance Fee
MBCMI SGD50 (Waived till 31st Dec 2010) SGD50
BCCP SGD50 (Waived till 31st Dec 2010) SGD50

Why are there two fees?

Application Processing Fees
Application Processing Fee is a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee, charged by BCM Institute to process your application for a given Certification. Newly certified professionals will not need to pay the Certification Maintenance Fee during the first year of certification.

Annual Maintenance Fees
Payment of Annual Maintenance Fees ensures that the institute has the necessary financial resources to maintain member records, ensures that certification continues to meet the needs and requirements of the market and members to continue to enjoy member benefits.

Why should I be certified?

The rate and evolvement of in the BC and DR practices has accelerated over the last few years.

While there are many practitioners who may desire and be qualify for international certifications, there are also many other practitioners who possess some experience and skills; but desire a more “geographically inclined” certification – one that recognizes the practices, and takes into consideration best practices that are more specific to all different regions and cultures, yet remaining consistent with international best practices. BCMI’s certifications are designed to meet and exceed the needs of such practitioners