Two 3-hour sessions + pre-reading/ assignment + ORCP Exam

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Course Description

Operational Resilience Planner Course (BL-OR-2)

This fundamental operational resilience (OR) course is primarily designed for professionals to understand OR fundamentals.

It is ideal for a new OR practitioner starting his/her OR journey or seasoned professionals who would like to know the end-to-end process of how to start an Operational Resilience program for their organization.

The 100% online facilitated course (Module 1) is divided into  2 three-hour sessions.  It is expected to be completed in two weeks.  This is followed by a 1- and 1/2-hour 50 MCQ examination.  Be expected to have pre-reading and preparatory work prior to each session.  You are also expected to be facilitated by experts from multiple countries.


Module 1 – Overview of OR Fundamentals

Module 1 is a facilitated online workshop designed to ground all participants in the fundamentals of Operational Resilience (OR).  It starts with learning the components of good practice OR principles and framework.  is ideal for a newly appointed OR practitioner who would like to know the end-to-end process of how to start an OR program for their organization as well as maintain it once it has been implemented.  This is a workshop-facilitated online module.

These online workshops would be facilitated by senior industry practitioners that include current senior enterprise and operational risk, BCM and CM professionals, consultants and vice presidents from international financial institutions located in several countries.

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PriceSingapore Dollar SGD 1,650
Estimated DurationLapse period of 2 weeks
CertificateOne e-copy of the Operational Resilience Certified Planner (ORCP) Certificate

How Do I Sign Up?

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OR Certified Planner (ORCP) Certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed the OR-200 and passed the examination.


The course would cover the following topics and the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the OR fundamentals and the inter-relationships of the terminology
  • Revisit the purpose, objectives and benefits of implementing the Operational Resilience (OR) program.
  • Translate the OR concepts and requirements and their applicability to your organization’s business functions.
  • Review and be able to articulate key OR concepts and terms to your management, business partners, suppliers and/or colleagues.
  • Walkthrough each implementation stage of the OR program.
  • Understand the core component of the Operational Resilience (OR) framework.