Testing and Exercising

This module will teach participants on how to test and exercise their BC Plan.

They will learn the fundamentals of the testing and exercising phase where they will be able to explain the difference between testing and exercising and identify the types of test and exercises through online learning. They will also be taught how to design an effective test and exercise for their organisation. They will also be taught how to document these test and exercises by the industry best practices. Lastly, they will be taught on how to conduct such tests and follow ups.

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Testing and Exercising phase
  • Identify the guidelines and procedures to be followed in designing and documenting tests and exercises
  • Understand how to conduct and execute tests and exercises

Participants may pause their learning at any point of the module and resume where they left off. An electronic notepad is also made available for participants to take notes and store them for ease of reference.

Participants are to finish a short quiz that would assess their understanding of the module. Participants would be awarded a Certificate of Completion (COC) upon completing the quiz.

To know more about the module, feel free to contact sales.ap@bcm-institute.org

Price SGD275
Estimated Duration 1 hour
Certificate 1 Certificate of Completion