BCM-620: Analyzing and Reviewing Risk

1 Day

Course Description

This one day course is designed and developed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the organisation’s risk assessment and review process for a business continuity project. Each participant will be equipping with practical and effective skills and a proven approach to achieve the desired outcomes of a risk treatment.

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  • Understand the principles of risk assessment.
  • Devise an appropriate scoring mechanism.
  • Identify the internal and external threats that could cause a disruption and assess their probability and impact.
  • Evaluate and priorities threats.
  • Understand risk treatment.
  • Undertake risk treatments activities – risk avoidance, reduction, transferance & acceptance.
  • Evaluate risk minimization alternatives against specifications and cost constraints.
  • Review current operational procedures to ensure adequate risk safeguards and plans are in place.
  • Submit risk treatment strategy to appropriate person for approval.