DRP-200: IT DR Planner

1 Day Coursework + 1 1/2 Hour Qualifying DRCP Examination to be taken on the following day

Course Description

DRP-200 is an intermediate 1-day IT Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) course with an additional one and a half (1½) hour 50-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based electronic examination, following the completion of the course.

This foundation course is designed and developed for IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Managers and Planners, IT Professionals, dealing with the specific area of the DRP process, any IT professional embarking on their IT DRP career. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts of developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, design and implementation of DR plans, preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. This course is a pre-requisite course for the DRP-300 course.

Participants are strongly encouraged to pursue DRP-300 course unless the members are only keen on understanding the DRP concepts only.


DR Certified Planner (DRCP) Certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying DRCP examination attached to the course.

Special Highlights

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Participants will be imparted with crucial DR knowledge; empowering them to support the organisation and DR team to:

  • Under the fundamentals of IT DR, crisis management and business continuity management.
  • Assess risk to IT and technology related components within the IT environment.