Examination Policy

Examination Day

  1. Examinations are conducted on the last day of the course and are to be conducted at a BCM Institute office.
  2. All examinations are to be invigilated by persons appointed by BCM Institute.
  3. Invigilators should be a BCM Institute staff. Where this is not possible, a BCM Institute certified member belonging to the organisation may be appointed, subject to BCM Institute approval.
  4. Each Candidate is only allowed one (1) attempt on the Examination Day unless otherwise approved by BCM Institute.
  5. Absence on the Examination Day is considered one (1) examination attempt.
  6. Candidates are required to produce photo-identification that can be verified by the appointed Invigilator.
  7. Books, manuals, notes and reference material of any kind may not be present in the testing area. The use of mobile devices is strictly prohibited. All mobile phones must be switched off and kept in the Candidates’ bags that should be placed in front or at the back of the examination room.
  8. The examination will automatically close after the stipulated time allowed for the examination, regardless of whether Candidates have attempted all questions
  9. Candidates are not permitted to remove any written material from the examination room. Anyone found transferring/removing/transporting any examination questions in part or in its entirety out of the examination hall at any time during and after the examination may result in an immediate failure.
  10. In the event of bad weather,a national or local emergency or disaster at the examination location, the examination may be post-poned to a later date and/or at an alternative location.The examination would not be counted as an attempt.

Examination Result

  1. Actual examination scores will not be disclosed. The passing grade is at 75%.
  2. All examination results should be received within 1 week from examination.
  3. An appeal request should be made in writing using the appeal form here. It should be made within 1 week from exam date.
  4. A Body of Knowledge (BoK) Analysis highlighting the Candidates’ weak BoK will be sent to Candidates’ who failed their examination. The BoK analysis would also include links to revision videos and revision tips.
  5. Examination Results are valid up to 1 year from date of examination. Candidates are to re-take the examination if they fail to apply for the relevant certification within 1 year of Passing the relevant Qualifying Examination. On the other hand candidates who Fail the Qualifying Examination are to retake the course and attempt the Qualifying Examination after the 1 year lapse.


  1. Re-examination (due to absence on the exam date or failure at examinations) should be scheduled within 90 days from date of BCM Institute scheduled examination in order to enjoy the first complimentary re-examination. Subsequent re-examination is payable (see point 3).
  2. Re-examination days and times are fixed as per listed on the re-examination schedule. Re-examination are to be done at a BCM Institute office. If an examination venue is not found near a participant’s location, please contact the nearest BCM Institute representative/office.
  3. The 3rd and subsequent examination attempts are payable. Please refer to the table below for examination pricing.
     Examination/Re-Examination BCCP/CMCP/DRCP
    Qualifying Exam
    Qualifying Exam
    Qualifying Exam
    SGD125 SGD175 SGD250
  4. If a cancellation is done after a scheduled re-examination, the re-examination or re-examination fee waiver (for first time re-examinees) fees would be forfeited.
  5. Re-examination would not be available if re-examination fees has not been received by BCM Institute by the scheduled re-examination date.


  1. All Candidates would be given the Certificate of Attendance (COA) upon completion of the course regardless of his/her result.
  2. A Certificate of Attendance does not constitute a Business Continuity professional certificate. It only recognises the Candidates’ attendance in the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery course.
  3. Only Candidates who has passed at the related qualifying examination would be allowed to apply for the related certification. Please click here for corresponding examination and certification
  4. Certificate would be conferred dependent on the Candidate’s
    1. Passing the examination results
    2. Meeting of the minimum BC/DR years of experience and
    3. Successful application at the certification review board.
  5. Any Candidates who fail the qualifying examination may be offered either the MBCMI or BCCP certificate at the discretion of Certification Review Board, for which the Candidate is given 90 days to accept, failing which the offer will be withdrawn.