Blended Learning (BL)/ Hybrid Learning (HL) Courses

As everyone races to upgrade their competency to maintain relevance in the fast-moving and changing world, many of us wish to attend physical classes. Still, often, we face difficulties managing our work schedule and the availability of physical class.

How Do We Offer Our Courses?

There are currently 5 courses available. All courses are based on the needs of business continuity, risk management and crisis management managers.

Each course consists of Module 1: E-learning and  Module 2: Facilitated Online Workshop (three hours per session) to be completed within four weeks.

All participants can join any round of our courses and start Module 1 at any time, but once they have secured the ideal round/schedule, they will join Modules 2 – 4 at the round’s specified schedule. This would aid in following through the learning journey as the same participants and group of facilitators will join them.

All blended learning course allows you to get an internationally recognised certificate.

Modules 3 and 4

Blended Learning

These modules will be conducted as four sessions of Facilitated Online Workshops (three hours per session – spanning over four weeks).

Hybrid Learning

Starting in 2023, Modules 3 and 4 for all our 5000 series of courses are also conducted as an onsite workshop, and it is only available in a designated capital in Asia. The content is similar, except the course is run over two days (8 hours per day).

Additional Note

If you can’t attend the “live” webinars for valid reasons, please notify BCM Institute’s program admin team once you have registered for any courses. Please be advised that attendance is compulsory.

Available Courses

  • Audit Blended Learning

    BCM Institute is launching several upcoming Audit and Lead Auditor Blended Learning courses for anyone seeking to obtain an internationally recognised certification. Without disrupting your daily schedule learn how you can attend our classes and be competent in internal and external auditing.

    Do click the button below to get updated on its actual launch date.

    BCM-8530: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Lead Auditor Blended Learning

  • Business Continuity Management Blended Learning

    Get your business continuity international certification at the comforts of your home. Learn from the same instructors you would be getting if you attend our face to face classes and be equipped to implement a BCM plan in accordance to the requirements of the ISO 22301 BCMS standard. To know more pick from either our 2 Module BCM-300 ISO 22301 BCMS Implementer Blended Learning (BL-B-3) course or BCM-5000 ISO 22301 BCMS Expert Implementer Blended Learning (BL-B-5) course.

    Both courses do not require pre-requisites.

    BCM-300 Blended Learning Tell Me MoreBL-B-5 TMM

  • Crisis Communication Blended Learning

    BCM Institute will be launching our brand new Crisis Communication Blended Learning programme soon. Mirroring its Crisis Communication international certification courses, you can look forward to attending the course with real-life crisis communication industry practitioners as your facilitators. To know more about our upcoming courses,  do click on either of the buttons below if you would like us to update you on its launch date and what you can look forward to.

    The CC-3 is the 2 day implementer course while the CC-5 is the 4 day expert implementer course. Both do not need pre-requisites for participation.

    [BL-CC-3] CC-300 Blended Learning Tell Me MoreCC-5000 Blended Learning Tell Me More

  • Crisis Management Blended Learning

    Be competent in implementing a crisis management plan and crisis management team. Learn how to ensure that your crisis management plan is workable and be facilitated by real life crisis management personnel.  Be internationally certified in the comforts of your home.
    Choose from a 2 day programme (BL-CM-3) or 4 day programme (BL-CM-5). Both courses do not need pre-requisites to participate.

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  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan (IT DRP) Blended Learning

    Be internationally certified and be taught by the same industry practitioners in our face-to-face session. Learn from assignments that are crafted to address current issues in IT Disaster Recovery.

    Our 4 Module programme mirrors our IT DRP Expert Implementer international certification. Do note that there is no pre-requisite

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  • Operational Resilience Blended Learning

    Be competent in implementing an operational resilience plan. Be internationally certified in the comfort of your home. Choose from a 4-half days programme (BL-OR-3) or an 8-half days programme (BL-OR-5). Both courses do not need pre-requisites to participate.