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BCM-400: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Manager (Hybrid)

2 Day Coursework + 3 1/2 Hour Qualifying BCCE Examination

Course Description

BCM Managers who have completed the pre-requisite, BCM-300 ISO 22301 Business Continuity Mangement Systems (BCMS) Implementer course are encouraged to attend this follow up course.

Here, managers are taught the intricacies to manage and maintain their BCM plan from its initial stage of implementation right through its various stages of maturity. Various testing methods best suited for each level of maturity would also be introduced.

At the end of the course, managers can look forward to acquiring competencies in:

  1. Create and develop BCM awareness and training programme best suited to the organisation plan’s BCM maturity level
  2. Conduct exercises and tests in accordance to the team’s competency and BCM plan maturity stage
  3. Implement BCM audit and assessment programmes to ensure BC plan effectiveness.
  4. Drive organisation-wide BCM program.
  5. Ensure engaged team members through effective program management

The participants will also have to sit for the 3.5 hours Qualifying Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE) online exam after which they will be able to apply for the BCCE certificate provided they have the pre-requisite 3 years of BC experience.

To know more about our BCCE certification, you can do so via this link.



BC Certified Expert (BCCE) Certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying BCCE examination attached to the course, pay a one-time administrative fee and sends in an application detailing at least 3 years of BC experience and satisfies and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.

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If you prefer a fully online course, click the schedule below.

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This course will provide participants with the concept and knowledge, which will enable them to: