DRP-300: IT DR Implementer

One (1) E-learning | Two (2) 3-hour Online Sessions + Assignment | 2.5 hour DRCS Examination

Course Description


This course is designed and developed for IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Managers and Planners, IT Professionals dealing with a specific areas within the DR planning process, and any IT professional embarking on their IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) career. The course is divided into 2 modules and is expected to be completed within four weeks.


Module 1 – IT DRP E-Learning Courses

IT DRP Fundamentals E-learning package: IT DR Fundamentals Package

Note: Participant is expected to complete Module 1 within two weeks after registering before pursuing Module 2

Module 2 – Facilitated Online Workshop

Candidates will be introduced to the key concepts of developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, designing and implementing of DR plans, and preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. This course is a pre-requisite course for the DRP-400 course.

Note: Participants are required to submit their assignment and will be assessed at the end of each session (there are 2 sessions for Module 2). The assignments are expected to be completed and submitted to the facilitator within two days after each session. Participants will be required to sit for the Qualifying DRCS examination at the end of this course.

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Estimated DurationElapse period of 4 weeks
Certificate6 Certificate of Completion (COC)
1 Disaster Recovery Certified Planner (DRCP) Certificate
1 Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist (DRCS) Certificate

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DR Certified Specialist (DRCS) Certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying DRCS examination attached to the course, sends in an application detailing at least 1 year of DR experience, make the application processing fee payment of SGD75 and satisfies and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.

Participants will be imparted with crucial DR skills and knowledge; empowering them to support the organisation and DRP team to:

  • Assess risk to IT and technology related components within the IT environment.
  • Understand the conduct of the application impact analysis used to identify critical IT and technology resources to support key users.
  • Be able to relate to Recovery Objectives and identify the recovery solutions.
  • Develop and evaluate effectiveness of related recovery procedures.
  • Walkthrough the tests and exercises for IT disaster recovery.