IT DR Courses

BCM Institute’s IT disaster recovery plan(IT DRP) certification courses are internationally recognised and is the choice certification for IT professionals looking to gain their DR planning competency certified.

Courses are available in 1, 2 and 4 days and are divided into 3 levels of competencies:

  1. KNOW

  2. DO


At the end of each course, participants would be assessed through assessments or examinations to ascertain his/her level of competency. They can look forward to receiving an internationally recognised IT disaster recovery certification through any of our IT DRP certification course.

Certification Courses

IT DR professionals who would like to gain an understanding of IT DR  and how it relates to BCM as well as get their IT DR experience internationally certified, can look forward to enrolling in any of 4 of our certification courses.

  • DRP-200 IT DRP Planner


    This is a fundamentals course on IT disaster recovery plan management (IT DRP) best suited for someone who wants to have a cursory understanding of the subject.

    Cost: SGD1,350 (nett)

  • DRP-300 IT DR Implementer


    This intermediate IT Disaster Recovery (ITDRP) course incorporates the DRP-200 syllabus before the course starts. Best suited for DRP coordinators who would like to know the theory and practical approach to implementing a DRP plan for their department, there is no experience pre-requisite for attending the course.

    Cost: SGD2,400 

  • DRP-400 IT DRP Manager


    This advanced IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP) course is a follow-up to those who have attended the DRP-300 IT DRP Implementer course. Here, participants will be taught how to manage and maintain a DRP plan considering the individual organisation’s IT DR vendor’s requirements.

    Cybersecurity, cloud and parts of ISO 27001 requirements will be discussed briefly.

    Course Pre-Requisite:
    Complete the DRP-300 IT DRP Implementer

    Cost: SGD2,400 (nett)

  • DRP-5000 IT DRP Implementer


    This is the most comprehensive and holistic IT DRP course by BCM Institute. It covers syllabuses taught in DRP-200, DRP-300 and DRP-400 courses. It is the only course that addresses IT DRP needs in relation to its business continuity and crisis management counterparts. It brings participants through from DRP’s fundamentals through to addressing the relationship between a DRP Manager and its organisation’s DRP vendors and their respective system requirements.

    Cost: SGD3,850 (nett)

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