ISO 22301 BCMS Audit Certification

BCM Institute’s ISO 22301 BCMS audit certifications are available for all business continuity and audit professionals who would like to get their experience and competency validated by an independent certification body.

To obtain a crisis management certification, one has to fulfill the conditions:

  1. Attain the relevant courses attached to the desired BCMS audit certification
  2. Pass the qualifying certification examination
  3. Send in the appropriate certification application fees
  4. Send in the certification application form detailing 3 or 5 (depending on desired certification) business continuity audit experience in relation to the BCM Body of Knowledge (BoK)

Certification would then be awarded once the independent certification body is satisfied that all conditions are met. Certifications are then valid for 1 year after which yearly renewals are needed to ensure the validity of the certifcation.

The available BCMS audit certifications are:

  1. Business Continuity Certified Auditor
  2. Business Continuity Certified Lead Auditor