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OR-300: Operational Resilience Implementer

2 Day Coursework + 2 1/2 Hour Qualifying ORCS Examination to be taken on the following day

Course Description

This 2-day intermediate operational resilience (OR) course incorporates the OR-200 Operational Resilience Planner course on its 1st day.

Participants will follow be allowed to practice the fundamental concepts and the “implement” phase of the OR planning methodology to:

  • Overview of Operational Resilience
  • Update on Regulatory Positions
  • Operational Resilience Planning Methodology: Framework, Principles and Cycle
  • Types of operational disruptions
  • Important-critical business services
  • Impact tolerances
  • Mapping operational resilience inter-dependencies across the organization
  • Types of scenario testing
  • Build an operational resilience programme
  • Recognize and analyse types of operational disruptions
  • Identify critical business services
  • Set appropriate impact tolerances for critical business services
  • Map operational resilience across the organisation
  • Perform scenario testing
  • Improve and communicate lessons learnt

Participants are expected to complete actual OR templates using your organization’s examples.

This hands-on practice would be facilitated by industry practitioners that include current Operational Resilience managers and executives, BCM managers, consultants and vice presidents from renowned banks and higher institutions.

At the course’s end, participants must attempt the 2 1/2-hour Qualifying Operational Resilience Certified Specialist exam. The exam is a 100-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).

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Operational Resilience Certified Specialist (ORCS) Certification is awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying ORCS examination attached to the course, pay a one-time administrative fee and send in an application detailing at least 1 year of OR experience and satisfy and meet the experience requirements of the independent certification body.


Attending the course will provide the participants with the relevant skills and knowledge, empowering them to:

  • Build an Operational Resilience Programme
  • Recognize and analyze types of operational disruptions
  • Identify important business services
  • Set appropriate impact tolerances for important business services
  • Map operational resilience across the organization
  • Perform scenario testing
  • Communicate operational resilience plans effectively