Crisis Management Certification Courses

BCM Institute’s certification management certification courses are internationally recognised and are the choice course for newly appointed crisis management coordinators as well as business continuity management coordinators who are tasked to take on the added responsibility of overseeing the organisation’s crisis management plans.

We provide certification for crisis management practitioners from every level of competency and experience. Our courses are structured such that any practitioner can advance in their crisis management competency and at the same time acquire the right level of certification systematically.

At BCM Institute, the crisis management certification courses are divided into 3 level of competencies i.e

  • Know
  • Do
  • Manage

Each level of competency allows one to acquire the knowledge and competency needed in his/her job scope. There is also an express track course that allows one to acquire all these in 1 sitting. The express track course, also known as the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course is most suitable for recently appointed crisis management (CM) organisation coordinator. The same course is also well suited for seasoned practitioners who would like to get their experience certified and benchmark it against crisis management best practices.

Alternatively, for practitioners who are business unit coordinators, they could look forward to the 2 Day CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer course which allows them to have the fundamentals of crisis management as well as be exposed to the basics of implementing a crisis management plan. They could also look forward to upgrading their knowledge to go on and attend the *2 Day CM-400 Crisis Management Manager course where the intricacies of managing a crisis management team and maintaining the crisis management plan would be discussed.

* The pre-requisite of the 2 Day CM-400 Crisis Management Manager course is the 2 Day CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer course.