CM-2030: External Coordination

1 day

Course Description

CM-2030 is a one day course to equip participants with a good Public Relation (PR) approach in a disaster situation. A sound crisis communications plan will help the Crisis Management Team (CMT) better manage relations with public and external parties, such as regulators and legislators, government agencies, and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). This course is designed to ensure participants understand the types of audiences and messages that must be addressed and communicated in the event of a crisis.

In a disaster situation, a good Public Relation (PR) approach helps organisations and the Crisis Management Team (CMT) towards attaining an effective response, recovery and resumption process. It helps the CMT manage relations with the public and external parties – like the regulators and legislators, other government agencies, and Non-Government Oranisations (NGOs). This course is designed to ensure practitioners understand what are the types of audiences, and the types of messages; that must be developed to address potential threats and risks.

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Participants will acquire a list of practical tips related to crisis communications:

  • Identify key audience types
  • Identify and designate spokespersons for the respective groups
  • Identify the type of training for the spokespersons
  • Identify key messages and prepare the statements during the pre-crisis stage
  • Better understanding of coordination with the public agencies – Incident Command System First responders situation